Oct 13, 2014

Avery Versus Missing Summer

It's impossible to describe the beauty of these rock formations at Spitting Caves on O'ahu, HI.  My home island has so many secret beaches and special spots that I haven't even experienced!  Now that I'm about to enter my twenties (scary thought) I plan to explore every magical spot on my island and many other places around the world.

This summer I went to a few beaches back home with my family and friends.  Spitting Caves was definitely my favorite.  The ocean and the rock collided beautifully to create the most lovely contours.  The changing colors of the water and the endlessness of the horizon which could not be adequately captured by my camera made the island feel infinite.  I would give anything to live atop that ridge.

The infinite horizon.  If you ever visit O'ahu, you must find the steep pathway of rock and dirt leading down to Spitting Caves.  You will be overcome with euphoria.

A very close second favorite of my trip was meeting my beautiful cat, Ringo.  I miss him so much.  He's a naughty, adventurous boy, but he is my favorite little feline.

x avery

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